Repairs & Services

Forklift service  in Los Angeles
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Forklift service & repair

Brand Independence

At Complete we service all makes of forklift being Brand Independent lets us better serve our customers to the brands they prefer. 

On-Site Repairs

We offer on-site repairs to your fleet whether it be a damage hose or a leaking cylinder we can help get your equipment up and running.

Shop repairs

Got a big repair? We can help by bringing it to our shop, we can get your equipment up and running.

PM Service

We offer a custom Planned Maintenance Service tailored to each customer, we evaluate your operation for forklift run times, work environments in order to develop a maintenance schedule to meet your specific needs. 

Battery PM Service

Proper maintenance of your equipment batteries is essential to their longevity. There’s a proper way to maintain and handle forklift batteries and doing it properly will ensure your investment is maximized.